Energy Regulatory Report Turkey, Highlights of the Year 2016


• Legal Developments regarding Renewable Energy

o Amendments to the Regulation regarding the Generation of Unlicensed Electricity Removal of the bonus tariff for locally manufactured components from unlicensed generation facilities

o Amendment to the application of bonus tariffs for locally manufactured components in renewable energy facilities

o Amendment on the responsibility of renewable energy generators from imbalances

o Amendment on the duties for solar panels

• Purchase guarantee for electricity generation from coal
• New Acceptance Regulation`s enforcement postponed twice
• Collection of Electricity Loss and Theft Amounts from the Consumers and the Draft Law on electricity loss and theft amounts
• Privatization of Çayırhan Coal Mine Reserve Area and Electricity Generation Area
• New Renewable Energy Resource Areas Regulation replaced the Old Regulation
• Upcoming Karapınar RERA Project
• Updates on the Tariffs, Thresholds and Participation Rates

o Eligible Consumer Threshold in Electricity Market

o Eligible Consumer Threshold in Natural Gas Market

o Participation Share Ratios in the Natural Gas, LPG and Petroleum Markets

o License Fees regarding Electricity Market

o License Fees regarding Natural Gas Market

o Minimum Share Capital Amounts for Companies Operating in Natural Gas Market

o Application and Annual Operation Fees for Unlicensed Electricity Generation


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