Energy Regulatory Report Turkey, Half of the Year 2017


  • Review of the Turkish Competition Authority Decision No: 16-19/308-137 regarding the abuse of dominant position by a Natural Gas Distribution Company
  • Organized Wholesale Natural Gas Market Regulation Published
  • Draft Principles and Procedures for Rooftop Solar Power Projects up to 10Kw installed capacity submitted for public review on 10 April 2017
  • Draft Regulation of the Electricity Market Consumer Services Regulation submitted for public review on 13 April 2017
  • Amendment on Power Generation Plants’ Acceptance Regulation
  • Amendments in the Balancing and Settlement System of the Electricity Market
  • EMRA’s Decision on the Change of Distribution Fee for Unlicensed Electricity Generation Facilities
  • Amendment regarding the Imbalances due to Unlicensed Electricity Generation Facilities
  • RES Mechanism’s cost estimations published by the EMRA
  • Amendment on the Duties for Solar Panels
  • Amendment on the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation for SPPs and WPPs
  • Right to terminate their licenses for generation pre-license and license owners
  • EMRA’s Decisions on the penalty to apply to Unlicensed Electricity Generation Facilities Generating Electricity over the installed capacity stated in the Connection Agreement or 1 MW limit
  • Industrial Enterprises exempted from TRT Fund
  • Requirement to obtain construction permits for the solar panels to be built on the rooftop eliminated
  • Changes to the Investment Incentive Certificates of Unlicensed Electricity Generation Facilities

Updates and Trends

  • Pre-License contests regarding capacities announced in 2015 took place on 21-23 June 2017, new wind power contests planned to be held on 3 August 2017 within the scope of RERA

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