Energy Regulatory Report Turkey, 2017 Second Half Year


  • Amendments on the Network Code regarding the Connection of Transit Pipeline Projects to the Turkish Transmission System
  • Establishment of a Capacity Market for Electricity
  • Communiqué Introducing Two Different Eligible Consumer Types entered into force
  • Tolerance Ratios for Different Energy Resources
  • A Second Draft Revising the Electricity Market Consumer Services Regulation
  • Purchase Guarantee for Electricity Generation from Coal until the end of 2024
  • Final Steps in Creation of a Gas Trading Platform
  • Changes in the Electricity Market License Regulation
  • Pre-License contests
  • EMRA’s Decision on the Change of Distribution Fee Tariffs for Unlicensed Electricity Generation Facilities
  • Procedures and Principles on the Acquisitions by Distribution Companies of the Electricity Distribution Facilities Owned by Users
  • Amendment in the Implementation Regulations regarding the Public Procurements
  • Privatization of Eskişehir Coal Mine Reserve Area and Energy Generation Area
  • Privatization Tenders for Hydroelectricity Power Plants
  • Updates on the Tariffs, Thresholds and Participation Rates Applicable in 2018
    • Eligible Consumer Threshold in Electricity Market
    • Eligible Consumer Threshold in Natural Gas Market
    • Participation Share Ratios in the Natural Gas LPG and Petroleum Markets
    • License Fees regarding Electricity Market
    • License Fees regarding Natural Gas Market
    • Minimum Share Capital Amounts for Companies Operating in Natural Gas Market
    • Application and Annual Operation Fees for Unlicensed Electricity Generation

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