24 / 25 September 2014: Boden Law Sponsors All Energy Turkey 2014.

All Energy Turkey 2014 Exhibition and Congress will be held on 24-25 September 2014, at İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention & Exhibition Centre under Boden Law’s legal sponsorship.

On 25 SEPTEMBER, Boden Law will hold a Lunch Session Workshop  titled “Legal Aspects of Internal and Cross-Border Electricity and Gas Trade”. The Lunch Session will be available only for a limited number of participants, to be booked on a FCFS-basis. Panelists include Ana StanicIrakli Mgaloblishvili and Değer Boden. Some of the topics to be covered at the Lunch Session are:

-Gas price review arbitration and gas price review clauses in Turkish market,

-Effects of EU regulations on cross-border trade between Turkey and EU countries,

-Legal aspects of cross-border trade between Georgia and Turkey,

-Standardization and legal obstacles in internal trade.